Dolphin Lodge

Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge offers:

  • Single, quadruple, triple, double and matrimonial rooms with private bathrooms all lower beds, comfortable mattresses and mosquito nets
  • Biodegradable soap and shampoo
  • Spacious dining area
  • Hammocks in different chill out areas
  • Electricity from solar panels (light and battery recharging for cameras)
  • Delicious Ecuadorian cuisine (vegetarian food upon request)

Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge is set at the heart of natural attractions, just a couple of minutes' motor canoe ride away from the Cuyabeno lake area and right next to the banks of the Cuyabeno River. From the hammocks at our pier, you may spot freshwater dolphins and enjoy the scenery of the river. Our location guarantees free navigation and access all year around, even in the drier season from December to February. We can offer 4 matrimonial rooms, 1 quadruple room, 3 triple rooms, 4 double rooms with private bathrooms, all rooms with lower beds. Our maximum capacity is 40 guests.
Our commitment to responsible and ecological tourism

Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge follows rigorous ecological standards for protected areas. Accordingly, all sewage is carefully processed and filtered to avoid contaminating water systems and soils, and the lodge obtains its energy exclusively from clean energy through solar panels.

Each room is equipped with solar-powered light and a 110V electric socket. In order to reduce the use of nonrenewable energy resources, we do not use water-heating systems and provide cold water only. All of our refuse material is separated and recycled to the greatest extent possible

We maintain a strong and friendly relationship with members of the indigenous community and support their active involvement in tourism. They receive economic income through their work as paddling aids, motor canoe drivers, kitchen helpers, and camp administrators with us.